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Project Services

Project Management

Efficient project management is essential to maintain quality throughout the execution phase and deliver a complete project on schedule and within the allocated budget. Each project is clearly delineated throughout its lifecycle by scope, schedule, pricing, submittals, correspondences and reporting.

With significant management and technical experience in the hydro business, Champlain EP&C team players have "been there" and can make a difference by understanding and identifying the issues and applying their know-how to ensure the different project phases are executed to your satisfaction.

Our focus and project management skills include a strong leadership, careful planning, open communication, realistic scheduling and risk management to mitigate possible delays toward the project goals and objectives.

Our team’s objectives include:

  • Completing the project in a safe manner with no harmful effects on the environment.
  • Ensuring the quality of the services performed meets the performance, operational and reliability requirements.
  • Completing the contract in a manner that minimizes the unit outage duration.
  • Completing the contract within budget.
  • Maintaining a healthy, positive and constructive working relationship with our client and partners.

Turnkey Solutions

Champlain EP&C team background includes a depth of experience and covers a wide range of project scopes. We appreciate project planning to specifications and fix price approach so to deploy complete solutions.

Whether you are planning to rehabilitate a small auxiliary system or a complete plant controls and protection, we look forward to being involved from drawing board all the way to the project completion.


From simple instrumentation change in existing facilities to the design and installation of new unit controls and protection, Champlain EP&C is the right choice for integration of new and existing equipment.

By system integration, we mean to bring together the sub-systems (new and existing) into one system functioning together considering overall performances for the purpose required. Therefore, integrating systems such as excitation, governors or sluice gate controls, involves the right documentation such as switchover plan, interconnection drawings, logic diagrams, commissioning plan with specifics to new equipment and for the whole systems operation.

Our experienced technicians and engineers understand the control and protection schemes of a broad range of systems, making integration a key feature of our organization. We can offer quick turn-around when time is limited, with comprehensive schedule according to our customer restriction and availability.


We understand that every customer needs may vary in terms of functionality and documentation. Amongst this, drafting standards may differ from industry standards, especially for utilities with large installed base and maintenance crews where standardization established specific requirements.

Champlain EP&C team has experience with many utilities across North-America and has an open-minded approach to provide professional project documentation according to your standards as a value product.

We can use existing utilities standard and drawing practice to provide uniformity with existing documentation; we also offer documentation based on ANSI & IEC standard.

A regularly discussed item for drawings standard and differentiator from industry to utility standard is the Connection Wiring Diagram which is a simplified diagram showing the electrical and mechanical relationship between elements/components of the circuit and the actual wire connections. The CWDs contains a complete panel layout and wiring with terminal strips and block number, cable numbers and size, cross reference to other diagrams, etc.

Champlain EP&C typically provides the following documents on a given project:

  • Drawings Index
  • AC Single Line Diagram
  • AC Three Line Diagrams
  • AC and DC circuits diagrams (also named Elementary Wiring Diagrams)
  • AC and DC Connection Wiring Diagrams
  • General Arrangement Drawings (physical layout)
  • Bill Of Material
  • Cable List
  • Protection system coordination study and relay settings
  • Electrical and mechanical protection trip matrix
  • Protection relay logic diagrams (showing the logical relationships between protective elements and the different relay inputs and outputs)
  • Units and plant control sequences diagrams ("Grafcet" with start stop sequences and operation modes)
  • Communication Network drawing (system topology)
  • Switchover plan and installation instructions
  • Factory Acceptance Test and Commissioning plans
  • Instrumentation calibration sheets
  • Operation & Maintenance manual

Some Manufacturer’s drawings (which do not meet the client’s drafting standards) are typically integrated into our supplied manuals while we redraw all necessary circuits in the above-mentioned diagrams.

All final engineering documents are signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

Feasibility & Budget

Whether you are seeking condition assessment of your installation, feasibility study or project budget evaluation, Champlain EP&C Inc. experience and technical expertise is most beneficial at the preliminary stages of a project.

Acting as a system integrator or early stage consulting partner, we take great pride in contributing to the success of your project.

Technical Specifications

Along with the projects’ Feasibility study and budget, we can provide the technical specification for the new system requirements in terms of standards and performance definition. Conceptual designs may also be supplied at this stage of the project to ensure clear definitions.

Factory & Site Acceptance Testing

Thorough Factory Acceptance Testing is essential to minimize site discoveries, reduce commissioning time, promote mutual understandings of specific functionalities and ensure the success of any project. By going beyond a simple panel functional check and performing a full system validation that includes all software and hardware elements of your project within a controlled environment, Champlain EP&C Inc.’s approach will allow you to confidently proceed to the next step of your project.

Site Installation & Commissioning

Adequate work planning, sequencing and day-to-day coordination of installation and commissioning activities is essential to efficiency of site crews and timely project completion. Our experienced personnel is familiar with all aspects of site work and understand the importance of health and safety.

Through a collaborative approach with our client, Champlain EP&C personnel will produce detailed work plans showing installation / commissioning activities along with associated lock-out tag-out requirements to minimize permit switching delays and ensure timely project delivery.